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Dropout Prevention

Posted Date: 10/11/2018

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Every year, more than a million children across the country will leave school without earning a high school diploma – this is approximately 7,000 students, daily, of the academic year.  Each situation is different and unique, but the decision to drop out of school usually revolves around conflicting life pressures, the need to help support family financially, or the demand of caring for siblings or their own child. In any case, graduating with a high school degree is undoubtedly a crucial turning point for all young adults who are about to jump into the “adult” stage in their lives.

The La Joya ISD dropout prevention program cares about the student drop-out crisis and works with social workers and school personnel to increase graduation rates throughout the district. To help the number of graduations grow, once a year La Joya ISD develops a community plan where administrators and groups of educators literally take to the streets in search of students who have dropped out to persuade them to come back into the classroom.

“It is great to see the effort from everyone in the district and their dedication as they speak to parents and leavers during this community walk,” said Mrs. Bertha Perez, LJISD Dropout Prevention Coordinator. “We are all working towards one common goal – which is to bring every leaver back into our schools and graduate!”

The annual La Joya ISD Community walk has been effective each year by preventing dropouts and increasing graduation rates. This school year, a total of 53 students were enrolled back into school during the month of September alone – a significant increase from 2018.  During the visits, administrators help address the issues that keep students from coming back to school, and try to remove those barriers to ensure that they achieve their high school diploma.

As always, the Saturday community walk was an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of the issues and/or obstructions that students face who have left school; and La Joya ISD has made it a mission to get them back on track!Dropout Prevention

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